Grass Fed Beef Health Benefits


Grass Fed Beef is Good For Your Health

Fat… Not all of it is bad for you

Grass fed beef is lower in total fat than typical beef! Why? Because it is the cattle's natural diet, so they are able to process their food better. Also, because pasture raised cattle aren't pumped full of hormones to make them grow faster, their bodies are given more time to mature.

If you were to look at pasture raised organic beef, you would see something different. The overall total fat content of a pasture raised cattle is about 25% lower than that of your typical corn fed cattle. In fact, nearly all of GFB (Grass Fed Beef) is labeled as lean by the USDA. Typical grain-fed beef is reared really quickly. The cattle is forced to put on weight quickly, and what you get is a high fat meat that is unhealthy for you and your family. Once you realize the difference, you will only want to shop for grass-fed-meats. Shopping online for grass-fed-meat is easy, there are many reputable natural ranches in the USA!

But there are many types of fat that aren't bad for you. In fact, they can be good for you!

Omega 3 Acids: A fatty acid that is good for your health

You may not have heard about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids before, and if you haven't: listen carefully, because knowing about these fatty acids will improve you health. Well, pasture raised animals (pork, sheep, and cattle) eat Omega 3 rich grasses and plants, and can pass the benefits to you.




What are the benefits of a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acid?

  • You may have a lower chance of getting cancer.
  • You are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heart beat.
  • You have about a 50% lower chance of having a heart attack.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids help to lower cholesterol


A new study even reveals that Omega-3 fatty acids may influence mood.

Where can you find Omega 3 Acids?

  • They are found in animal fat, fish, green plants and algae.
  • They were commonly thought to only occur in abundance in fish, seafood, and nuts, but they are also found to be in pasture raised livestock.
  • All cattle that have Omega 3 acids, but once they switch from their green diet to a grain diet, the amount of Omega 3's goes down. By the time they are slaughtered, typical grain fed cows contain negligible amounts. For children, often times a chewable omega 3 can assure getting an adequate supply.

CLA: Another Acid to help your health

Something called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can also improve your health. Don't worry about the name, just worry about what it could do for you and your family. Conjugated linoleic acid is found in high concentrations in the bone marrow of the grass fed cattle.


Benefits of CLA:

  • Could help you to prevent cancer.
  • Increases your rates of metabolism.
  • Decreases the amount of fat in your stomach.
  • Helps your immune system.

Once you discover the cleansing benefits of whole foods and grass fed beef, body detoxification may become a priority. Taking on an herbal fiber cleanse once or twice a year can be a great way to ensure your body benefits from maximum absorption of nutrients in your new, healthier diet.


Grass Fed Beef and Fat

Grass fed beef is just better. It contains less fat and has more important nutrients that your body needs. Meat lovers everywhere live in fear of high cholesterol and poor cardiovascular health, but grass fed beef is a better alternative to grain fed beef. Grass fed beef has a higher content of good fats and a lower content of bad fats. Of course the lower fat content may make it harder to get that rich beef flavor, but with careful preparation and cooking it really isn't that hard to make grass fed beef taste incredible.


Meat from cows that have been fed grass contains much more omega 3s than normal beef, and just about everybody can benefit from more omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Omega 3 fatty acids provide excellent support for the brain and nervous system, and on top of it all they are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Omega 3 fatty acids can help to improve circulation and overall cardiovascular function, as well as helping to maintain healthy triglyceride levels. Grass fed beef also contains conjugated linoleic acid, and Vitamins A and E.


If you're struggling with high cholesterol and poor heart health grass fed beef can be a better option. It contains less fat and more important nutrients. Of course some people need to significantly curb their beef consumption and making the switch to grass fed might not be enough. For these people no red meet might be a better option, but those who aren't in dire need to significantly improve their heart health should choose grass fed beef.

Grass Fed Beef Health Benefits

Just imagine all these benefits! All livestock contains CLA, however, pasture raised livestock contains more CLA due to their natural diet.

Grass fed beef has many benefits. From possibly reducing your risk of cancer to reducing the amount of fat in your diet, there are countless benefits. If you want safe, health beef animals that are good for you and your family, and the environment, consider choosing natural pasture raised beef. There is really no other smart choice other than Organic Grass Fed Beef.



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