Sex Dungeon Bedroom Ideas: Lights, DIY Bondage, Action!

We are all about personalising your pleasure experience, and what better way than setting up your very own sex dungeon. When it comes to working hard and playing hard, this is just one great way to surprise your partner and take them deep into your dark, fantasy world.

We are here to help you explore pleasurable playful experiences with these sex dungeon bedroom ideas. But, before you let your kinky side loose, here’s just a couple of quick disclaimers:


Do not use DIY sex toys internally!

While we recommend personalising your pleasure, do be sure to keep safe, physically. DIY internal sex toys can be dangerous. Think bacterial infections and lost vibrations…

If you’re still unsure, check out some articles on the dangers of DIY sex toys.

Communication & Consent

Additionally to keeping yourself physically, mentally and emotionally safe, know your own boundaries and learn the boundaries of your partner.

Check in on them and ask for their consent. If you are unsure we came up with some more suggestions on how to ask for want you want in the bedroom.

One of the things to remember is that no matter how you are exploring pleasure, conversation is essential. If you are new to BDSM, know that DIY bondage needs specific attention when it comes to consensual non-consent.

Trust is essential. Come up with a safe word. For some inspiration, apparently the most popular safe word is “red” as it was used in the Fifty Shades series, with “pineapple” coming near second.

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain, so much so that Scientists actually know very little about it.

It has been known that BDSM has been linked as a tool to heal from trauma, making this space an extra sensitive one.

So, without further ado – let’s get to the sex dungeon bedroom ideas with some lights, DIY bondage and action!


Now for setting the scene. Nothing says anticipation like guiding your unassuming partner into a room… readily prepared for whatever you have in store for them.

How does it look? What does it smell like? How would it make your partner feel?
Lighting and atmosphere is not only vital, but remember to put your own personal spin on things.

Personalised touches to your sex dungeon can help you feel in control whilst simultaneously at ease with your new-found fantasy.

Hint: Remember your sex dungeon doesn’t need to be in the bedroom. What about the bathroom or kitchen? Maybe you have an attic or basement handy? Just be careful of sharp corners…

Get experimental with colours and materials to drape over furniture. A smart mood-light like Eve Flare can change the atmosphere of any room via your phone or through voice command by Siri. So when you are ready to set the tone, you can just say “ Siri, set the mood to sex dungeon!”.

Let your inner seducer come out to play. Just remember, it is your sex dungeon, and you can do what you want.

DIY Bondage

Restraint can be totally hot – just keep in mind your partner’s safe word. This section will offer some ideas for DIY bondage for beginners.

You can simply find objects around the home. A sleeping eye mask makes for a great blindfold. You could even use a suit tie and underwear for a gag.

If you plan on investing in some bondage materials online, just make sure you think about the materials you would like to use. This will help to personalise the experience.

Rope Bondage for Beginners

Also known as Shibari, Japanese rope bondage is a fun way to build up the sexual tension with you and your partner. Here are just two types of rope that Pete Riggs recommends for bondage for beginners:

Cotton: This wonderfully cheap material is light and made of natural fibres, making it a great for bondage for beginners. Plus they can come in an array of beautiful colours – once again you can personalise these to suit your sex dungeon. Riggs mentions to be careful though, as knots in cotton rope can be difficult to unpick…

“…which leads to swearing and frustration and a general lack of cool. The times when I’ve felt it most likely that I would need to use safety scissors to get someone out of rope, have all been times when I’ve been using this kind of cotton rope. So if you’re going to use it, keep those EMT shears handy.”

Jute: This is a popular bondage rope for beginners, as well as in Shibari expert circles. It does cost a little more, but feels really good on the skin and generally the easiest to tie and unpick knots. Riggs really rates it:

“Knots that look so-so with cotton or synthetic somehow look amazing with jute. It has a sort of liveliness to it. Excellent give and flex, and there’s something truly awesome about the way it moves in your hands and when you’re wrapping it around someone. It makes the experience of tying someone a lot more fun.”

When you are using rope bondage in your sex dungeon you want to be in control. Slowly pull the rope across their body to create friction when you are tying them up. Build the anticipation with softer and harder sensations. Mix being gentle and rough with your partner.

But Use With Caution:

One important thing to remember is you don’t want to cut off the blood circulation. Which is why in Shibari, the single column tie is the first rope bondage tie you should learn to avoid dangerous knots. Pete Riggs gives us a hand in that department in this simple video:


Bravo, Tada, Voila! Your sex dungeon is complete. You have tied up your partner. They are ready and (hopefully) willing, now you have a chance to play! Completely at your mercy, how do you want them to remember this night? You are in control of all the pleasure.

Play with their senses. That might be with sight and sound foreplay. You could make them watch you explore your pleasure. And let’s not forget the power of sound. Even a simple moan can often reduce someone to a blissful state, making for a great arousal technique. It is important to tease them here.

However, if you are feeling really naughty, you will want to check out Girl On The Net’s DIY spanking bench, allowing them your touch at the cost of pleasurable pain.

Maybe you want to explore some taste and smell foreplay. Be creative with a blindfold and have them taste different parts of your body.

For the ultimate personalised pleasure try Crescendo the body adaptable smart vibrator or Tenuto the wearable smart vibrator for men while they are tied up.

Whether you are teasing or edging your partner, using a vibrator is an essential tool, for beginners and the more experienced. Making them squirm or squirt.

The best orchestrator to conduct these is the MysteryApp. Connect your smartphone to choose which vibrating motors to turn on, surprising them and building up their sexual energy until they reach the point of no return.

Aftercare Afterthought

Reality sets in. Ease your way back into normality after ravishing your partner in your sex dungeon.

Take care to untie your partner and make sure you take time to focus on your creature comforts together.

Check in with your partner to find out their thoughts. Make sure they felt safe during the experience, especially if you want to do it again, and again, and again.

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Why Organic Dominant?

Why “The Organic Dominant”?

This is kind of an expression of a personal path in dominance. After years of trying to figure things out I have come to realize there was really never anything to figure out. It was me. That was what I was trying to find.

Like most I started in BDSM looking for those things that I felt keyed in on my dominance. For some this is rules and structure. For some this is flashy play or a harem. For some it is a specific way of being. For some it is a wild explosion of sexuality involving anyone and everyone they come in contact with.

I tried to focus on what I felt made me dominant. I thought of things such as Lord Byron. . .that gothic image of passion and romance. Ya. . .didn’t work well and I look damn stupid in a puffy shirt and riding boots just for the record.

I thought of the structured rules and formal rituals. That didn’t work out for me either and I tended to find it rather cumbersome. I felt like sub paragraph A, section 4, defines climax as. . . was always part of my play.

I tried wild, animalistic, passionate. . . they worked but not as a mode of being.

So, I contemplated for years, what kind of dominant am I? I thought about this for a lot of years. I mean a lot. Maybe I am dense or something but I kept mulling it over and rethinking it over and over again. What would define me? My art? My passion? My play style? Do I need more toys? Do I need flashier toys? What will fulfill that need in me?

Then I gave up. I just said fuck it. I stopped trying to find it and then it found me. I was looking all that time for what it would be when in fact I should have just been looking in the mirror and seeing what I am. My dominance does not come from anything external . . . it comes from accepting who I am, what I can do, what I like doing. By embracing myself, flaws and all, seeing my strengths and weaknesses, I see who I am. I see what I want. I know what I want and what I need and that gives me power.

My style of dominance comes not from an idea I aspire to but from the person I am. Yes, there is growth I want in myself but in accepting whom I am today; I am empowered to make changes I wish to make. By understanding what it is I want compared to what it is I need, I can understand my next step.

My dominance comes not from any idea but who I am or who I should be but in understanding who I am inside. It is homegrown, one of a kind, 100% organic and pesticide free. It is an organic dominance that comes from who I am, not who I think I am. To me, that makes all the difference in the world.

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5 Organic Kinks to Help You Get Your Freak On.

Interested in BDSM? Want to travel down a new sex path? Getting bored with vanilla sex but don’t quite know what to try? Are you on a budget?

Here are five options to step up your kinky side–organically.

1. Try Figging!

This is the practice of inserting ginger that has been carved into a specific shape—usually a plug—into the anus or the vagina. The practice originated in Ancient Greece as a form of punishment on female slaves. Now it’s used in the BDSM/kink community to create intense sensations from an easily found and easily effective item.

2. Prevail at Erotic Wrestling.

The best part is that no one has to wear those ridiculous singlets! Why? Because erotic wrestling happens while naked. This may be one of the easiest kinks to try. You and a partner strip down to your nothings and then try to pin each other. Everyone wins here. Some alternatives to try while erotic wresting include forced orgasm—you get your partner to orgasm while your partner tries to hold it back, or pin your partner down and give yourself an orgasm while partner is restrained.

3. Go Mudlarking!

Mudlarking is a sub-category of the sploshing fetish, which is a fetish based upon one becoming sexually aroused by different substances being applied to the skin. One can easily have some fetish-filled fun mudlarking—just go out after a nice rain, find a puddle and roll around. Enjoy the texture, the coldness, the overall dirtiness of getting it on in nature (just be careful to keep it outside the body).

4. Throw a Group Sex Party.

The more the merrier as the saying goes. Nothing really steps up the kink factor like adding another person or two (or three or four) to the mix. Obviously make sure everyone is drug and disease-free and come prepared with lots of condoms and lubricants. I recommend vegan-friendly Sir Richards Condoms and Sliquid Organics lubricants (animal glycerin has been known to cause yeast infections in women—that’s why paying a bit more for good lubricant now is worth it).

5. Create a Pervertable!

Kitchen utensils, clothespins, hairbrushes, even fallen branches from trees can actually serve multiple purposes, as in, they can be brought into the bedroom. Experiment with what you already own, particularly if you’re new to any sort of BDSM activity. Check-out how-to’s and guidebooks to make sure you’re kinking out the right way and no one gets hurt the wrong way. It’s always fun to DIY.

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Latex Allergy: Causes & Symptoms

Natural rubber latex carries certain proteins that lead to adverse effects while in contact with human skin at times. These reactions are generally termed as “latex allergy”. The allergy manifests itself in the form of itches all around the skin & hives. Sometimes, in extreme situations it can cause anaphylaxis. It’s a condition in which the throat swells up considerably, resulting in difficulty to breathe properly.

If one has experienced such symptoms or is interested to know more as precaution, it is important to first understand what latex allergy is, what causes it & the sources where latex can be found.

Cause of latex allergy

The immune system of a person with latex allergy is going to identify latex as a harmful substance & automatically trigger an antibody against it. And, that further leads to  inevitable reactions to any & all exposure to or contact with latex or products containing it.

These reactions are the cause of histamine & other chemicals being released into the bloodstream while one comes in contact with a latex substance. The intensity of the allergic reactions eventually lessen with each time one is exposed to latex through a process called sensitization. It’s a process where due to the presence of previously existing antibodies, the total damage done to the system is largely absorbed by the antibodies.

The two ways that an allergic reaction to Latex can happen are:-

  1. Direct Contact- Mostly, allergic reaction to latex takes place through direct contact with regular everyday materials like condoms, balloons or gloves made of latex.
  2. Inhalation-Latex products let out latex particles into the air, which travel & can be inhaled by allergic person(s), leading to a reaction.

The intensity of the allergy found in people can vary in degrees ranging from mild to severe. The intensity depends on how the latex has come in contact with the allergy inflicted person & how long the exposure to it was.

Symptoms of latex allergy

Let’s go over some of the common symptoms on the basis of intensity.

Mild symptoms include:

  • Itching,
  • Hives,
  • Skin irritation & redness.

Severe symptoms:

  • Sneezing,
  • Running nose,
  • Scratchy throat,
  • Itchy eyes,
  • Cough

The two types of symptoms listed above are indications of latex allergy but they don’t pose a significant threat in terms of creating a life or death situation if treated properly & in time.
However, in the most severe cases, the affected person may experience anaphylaxis and it could be a life-threatening issue. Anaphylaxis generally happens from a repeated exposure to latex and is mostly observed in over-sensitive persons.

Anaphylaxis is marked by symptoms similar but overarching to the one’s found in mild latex allergies, for example:

  • Nausea,
  • Drop in blood pressure,
  • Wheezing,
  • Drop in blood pressure,
  • Skin irritation & itching,
  • Confusion,
  • And in extreme cases, loss of consciousness.

Remedy & prevention

In cases of mild allergy, an anti-allergic & a conversation with a doctor to find quick remedies should be enough.

In the case of something like anaphylaxis, emergency medical consultation should be sought immediately. It’s an extreme case and as mentioned previously, could lead to fatal results. A correct diagnosis is of utmost priority in situations like this.

About one third of those diagnosed with latex allergies haven’t shown any symptoms of it other than skin diagnoses till date. But if detected once, the patient should become increasingly alert & mindful of any situation where latex exposure can be possible.  Alongside, he should take preventive measures to prevent possible interaction latex beforehand. In the case of high sensitivity, anaphylactic shocks can be very likely because of the mucosal absorption of latex protein allergens from communication with latex.

Therefore, the first & most important step for latex allergy patients is to ensure a latex-free treatment.  Careful attention should be taken to avoid any material containing any trace of latex. Also, powder free latex gloves should be used to prevent airborne exposure to latex.

Latex allergy affects thousands of people. These persons experience IgE-mediated cutaneous, respiratory, and systemic allergic reactions. A reduction of the total protein level on latex rubber devices may prevent further sensitization and eliminate latex allergic reactions.

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