Things you need to know about your nipples

Our nipples are definitely a sensitive topic for many. A lot of people don’t pay a lot of attention to them until they notice something that seems unusual. When that happens, they go into panic mode. So here are some things you need to know about your nipples that will put your mind at ease.

1. It is normal for nipples to increase by a few inches

Something not all of us know is that nipples can grow throughout our lifetime. This is usually something that causes concern to many people. Still, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal. In fact, you should totally expect it.

So do nipples grow randomly, or is there a reason behind their growth? Actually, everything happens for a reason, and the same applies to nipple growth. Nipples can grow when you’re in puberty. During this time, your body will start producing estrogen, which is a hormone that will affect your entire body (not just the nipples).

On the other hand, your nipples and areolas can change in size during pregnancy. Your body is simply trying to prepare you for a baby. Your areolas can also stretch when your boobs grow or when you gain weight. Why? They’re a part of your skin too.

2. Nipple discharge is nothing to worry about

Breast discharge may seem like something you shouldn’t be having unless you’re a breastfeeding mom. However, that’s not really the case. Many women experience all kinds of breast discharge in their life, so we can safely say that it’s nothing you should worry about.

Discharge can come in all kinds of colors. That means you shouldn’t expect it to be milky white by default. Sometimes, it can even be a bit yellowish. As long as your breast discharge isn’t bloody, you’re in the clear. 

It won’t always ooze out on its own either. Sometimes, you’ll have to squeeze it out.

3. Nipple-gasm is an actual thing

If you find that you have sensitive nipples, we have great news for you. You can actually have a nipple orgasm — or nipple-gasm for short — by touching your nipples in certain ways. If it sounds impossible, that’s only because you haven’t experienced it yet.

This can be achieved through the simple act of nipple play. They are a huge erogenous zone, and you don’t need any special sex toys, but you can definitely use them. We highly recommend nipple clamps for more intense orgasms, but if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can try electro nipple clamps. You may check these amazing products from lovegasm website.

Still, how are these orgasms possible? Actually, there are studies showing that sensations from nipple stimulation and vaginal stimulation travel to the same pleasure centers in our brains. What does this mean? Well, if penetration or clitoral play can make you orgasm, so can nipple play. This type of orgasm might require a bit more practice to reach though. Still, keep on trying, and you’ll experience a wave of pleasure.

4. Nipples are bumpy

Sometimes, while you’re inspecting your breasts, you’ll find small bumps all over your nipples. They can come in various sizes, be hairy, or even look white. What does this mean? This phenomenon is yet another thing that shouldn’t concern you. Those little bumps are only your Montgomery glands.

What do these glands do? Montgomery glands contain a combination of milk and oils, and they release this substance. Most often, they produce oils that lubricate and protect your entire nipple area. In doing this, Montgomery glands ensure that your nipples stay infection-free.

5. Nipple hairs are Okay

In today’s society, women are taught that having any type of hair is unacceptable and that they should remove it. It’s not bad for their health, but women should be ladies, which requires them to look the part. In the quest to become completely smooth, women turn to all kinds of techniques. So what happens when you find hair on your nipples? We assure you, it’s no reason to panic.

All women are different, which means that some have more hair than others. Hairy nipples are a completely normal thing that is no cause for concern. If they really bother you or make you feel insecure, you can carefully pluck them or shave them off.

6. Nipples help you bond with your baby

We all know that babies love breasts. That’s probably because they associate them with food (also, they’re like soft cushions!). That’s why many kids don’t have it easy when the time comes to wean them off. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’ll have plenty of bonding time with your baby during feeding time.

This is because your baby is continuously touching you and being attached to you. You bond with another human being through way less physical contact. So it’s only natural to conclude that nipples are a great way for you to bond with your child.

7. An extra nipple sometimes appears

Having an extra nipple isn’t something that should concern you. Sure, seeing it can definitely make you feel a little strange. Still, an extra nipple is nothing more than extra mammary tissue. So who can get an extra set of nipples? Just about anyone. In fact, around 6% of all people have one. Most of them take some time to even notice it.

These nipples have a name too. They’re supernumerary nipples. Even though these growths are harmless, you should still treat them as regular nipples. That’s because they can still be susceptible to infections.


It’s safe to say that there are plenty of things that can happen to our nipples. Most of them are completely harmless. Make sure you know exactly what your nipples are like so that you can notice any changes. Don’t stress yourself out before anything bad actually happens.

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